7 Powerful Podcasts Every Photographer Should Listen To

Podcasts are very powerful forms of content, and as a photography of any skill level or experience, they are one of the most valuable ways to gain knowledge. If you’re not already listening to any of the amazing photography podcasts out there, you’re seriously missing out.

Seriously. There’s no better way to hear about what the best of the best are up too, the latest tricks and tips to capturing better photos, hear interviews of people on the top of their game, and find out what equipment is making waves, all in one easy and convenient place.

Fortunately, you’re in the right place if you want to find out for yourself as today I share with you the seven very best podcasts every photographer needs to be listening too.

1. The Landscape Photography Podcast

Hosted by Nick Page, the Landscape Photography Podcast covers all areas of landscape photography, including the science of landscape, art, and creation. Page is a professional photographer sharing his personal experience and knowledge through this platform which acts as a way of bringing together his experiences on other shows.

These include The Nature Photography Podcast, Tripod, and Improve Photography. There’s also much to learn about photography while travelling, chats with experts, and some of the industry’s best kept secrets.

2.  The Digital Story Photography Podcast

The Digital Story podcast names is a bit of a double-take. Of course, photographs are essential for telling digital stories, but it also comes from the fact Derrick Story is the host of the show. Fun, excitable, and very easy to listen too, Derrick is also known as ‘the nimble photographer’.

The show is all about packing light, taking pictures while travelling, and sharing tips to help you capture the perfect shots that invoke emotions and make anybody resonate with the stories you have to tell.

3. Lenswork

Hosted by the master photography known as Brooks Jensen, these podcasts are short and sweet and hosted in one of the most easily digestible formats out there. There’s a ton of information to enjoy here, such as the direction the photography world is taking, philosophy on the art, and even more business sides of things like marketing.

One of the longest-running podcasts, Lenswork was founded in 2004, which means it actually existed before iPods and podcasts as we know them came about. It was really just a mini-audio blog, but the podcast has come a long way since then.

4. The Family Photographer

As the title of the podcast suggests, if you’re the person of the household who everyone goes to when they want a photo taken, you’re also the ‘family photographer’. If you’re looking for advice when it comes to taking family portraits and photos, and easy to follow tips, this is the podcast for you.

There’s a ton of lessons to be learned here, as well as interviews with the most passionate people in the industry. If you want inspiration, you’ve got it here.

5. Street Photography Magazine Podcast

Street photography has always been popular, as well as being one of the most impactful forms of photography of the modern age. The Street Photography Magazine podcast has a ton of experts ranging from reputable professional to hobbyists bursting with passion. They talk gear, stories, and share the best tips.

6. Hit the Streets

A bi-weekly podcast which revolves around street photography, and this time hosted by Valerie Jardin, a very ambitious and talented street photographer who also hosts and has founded photographic workshops around the world. She’s even written several books on the matter.

With all this, it should come as no surprise that Jardin is incredibly knowledgeable about street photography and has a lot to share. If she hasn’t already covered anything you want to hear about, you can even get involved with her listener Q&A sessions.

7. The Fashion Photography Podcast

No points given for guessing what this podcast is all about. The worlds of fashion and photography go together hand in hand, and if you’re an aspiring or professional fashion photographer yourself, or you just have an interest in either of the two industry, this podcast is not to be missed.

The podcast is founded and hosted by Verginiya Yancheva, a commercial and professional photographer who has worked with the likes of Cosmopolitan, Nestle, and Elle. The show brings on some of the most renowned and inspiring photographers of our time, and you’ll hear all about how to get your work into magazines.

Katherine Rundell is a photographer at HRM Essay Help and Custom Essay. She writes about photography. She also is a manager at Write My Essay website.

Posted by Chandrea Park

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