Stock Explained in 230 Words

What is stock footage and photography? Today, the reality of stock footage and photography is limitless. We are about to tap into what stock really implies.  

Simply put, stock footage and photography are already created videos/images available for licensing. But stock is not just about being able to put together a perfect video/image. The world of stock is diverse, ever-changing, and there is something out there for everyone to capture.

Stock can be unexpected. 

Stock can be honest.

Stock can be inspiring.

Stock can be designed.

Stock can be emotional.

There are never-ending directions for stock creation. Someone could unexpectedly capture an image on their phone, or you might be intentionally filming a model. Creating stock is not about being perfect and having set guidelines, it is about expression and being free with your originality. 

Creators from all over the world are posting their personal content to be recognized. A common misconception is that you need to be a professional videographer/photographer to create stock. However, the stock world is full of diverse visionaries. Do you have a camera? Do you have a desire to capture a moment? Then you can create. Dissolve Creators might be the perfect avenue for you to start posting your content. Launching this year, Dissolve Creators will offer a free platform for any creator to share and network their personality through stock.

Posted by Chandrea Park

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