“Stick Together” – Ads We Didn’t Skip

Ad: “Stick Together,” Kraft Peanut Butter

Agency: Taxi 2

Why: Initially it was the Ellie Goulding cover of Elton John’s “Your Song” that stopped me from hitting skip, but in the end it was the connection between the girl and her teddy bear. (Not that I ever had such a connection with a stuffed animal, let alone still own said stuffed animal … ) Kraft jumped on the emotional advertising bandwagon pretty hard with this one. (We all still remember Apple’s 2013 Christmas commercial, right?)

Will I buy what they’re selling?: Kraft has a 70% market share of Canada’s peanut butter industry. (Sorry, USA.) So obviously I’m buying what they’re selling. And I can’t pretend I’m not the exact target audience they were going after either: millennials who grew up with Kraft peanut butter and are now out buying their own. This spot nails just the right amount of nostalgic cuteness to remind you of the simple pleasures of childhood and peanut butter.

C’ya, I’m off to make ants on a log.

– Nikki (@nikkleigh)