“Everybunny Dance Now” — Ads We Didn’t Skip

Unfortunately (and to our surprise), this video can’t be viewed outside of Canada. Sorry!

Ad: “Everybunny Dance Now,” TELUS

Agency: Taxi

Why: Bunnies. But I hated myself for it. (Especially now, seeing that its title plays on such a low-hanging pun.)

Canadians know TELUS’s advertising well. It’s been doing spots with animals on white backgrounds for umpteen years. I’ve never liked nor understood the approach. What do animals have to do with a communications company? Its tag is “The future is friendly,” and, sure, bunnies and piggies and pandas and the whole menagerie at least look cute and friendly, but how do they relate to the future? Or TELUS’s products?

My admittedly literal biases aside, the long-standing campaign is distinct and has carved out a highly recognizable identity for TELUS. I’d guess that most Canadians would know a TELUS spot by its first 2 seconds. Those critters are worth their weight in gold.

However, with an agency review under way, the animal kingdom may soon all be shipped out to a really big farm where they’re all very happy. For now, these brand doctors have a mixed prognosis for their fate.

Will I buy what they’re selling?: Nope. My TELUS days are long gone. Those rabbits may have tricked me into watching an ad, but there isn’t a bunny cute or fluffy enough to make me a TELUS customer again.

– Lori (@lburwash)

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