10 Filmmaking Myths Which Aren’t True

The world of film is a daunting one to enter, and there are plenty of unhelpful myths floating around. If you’re looking to make it in film, whether as an actor or a filmmaker, you might find yourself surprised by some of the misconceptions you hold! Let’s get myth busting so you can approach the world with realistic expectations.

1) You Need A Lot Of Money To Make A Film

Many people think that filmmaking is very expensive, but films can be made on a tight budget. You just need some dedicated people, some basic equipment, and time to invest in the final product. Don’t let this barrier stop you from dipping your toes in!

2) Filmmakers Always Go To Film School

Many very successful filmmakers have never set foot in a film school. While film school can be a great place to make connections, learn the basics, and kick-start your career, it isn’t essential and lots of people make it in the film world without.

3) Going To Film School Costs A Lot

If you do decide that film school is for you, you don’t necessarily have to lay out large amounts of money. There are lots of different options for film classes; you may be able to take an evening class or find a weekend school which will suit your budget. There are also lots of free resources online which you can take advantage of.

4) Actors Need A Great Agent To Get Work

If you think you need an agent to get in front of scriptwriters, you’re wrong. Agents don’t actively seek work for actors; they just negotiate for them. If you want to get a role in a film or mini series, try and get in touch directly with scriptwriters. If you click with someone, they might write a role just for you!

5) Filmmakers Need Sales Agents To Sell Their Films

Having an agent can be a great thing, certainly – but they will take a cut of any deals they make for you, and it isn’t always easy to get one. If you’re not currently in the position to deal with an agent, you can build up a list of distributors and talk to them in person; you don’t have to have a middleman to succeed.

6) You Need Lots Of People At Your Premiere

Big crowds aren’t what will bring your movie major success. While it’s nice to feel famous, the only people who can really launch your movie are those who decide what gets public attention. You need your film to grab the attention of acquisitions executives, festival programmers, and commissioning editors. These are the people who will decide if your film gets on the program, and that dictates who will see it.

7) Only The Most Talented Make It

Get good at hustling; talent isn’t everything in the film world. You don’t have to be the absolute best in your field. You just have to be good at getting noticed and promoting your skills. Be your own biggest fan and you might soon succeed.

8) Only The Best Scripts Make It

The best scripts also aren’t always the ones which make it. Often, the films that get made are the ones that have managed to attract financing. Make sure you have a good business plan and that you can appeal to those with the cash to make the film.

9) Shooting On Film Is More Expensive Than Digital

Shooting on film doesn’t have to be more expensive than digital shooting – when you take into account the cost of the laptop, the hard drives, and all the other equipment, you may find there isn’t a significant price difference. Look at the figures before making a decision about the costs – don’t just assume one way or the other!

10) Filmmakers Don’t Have To Pay Attention To Social Media

Almost nobody can ignore social media these days. No matter what industry you’re in, if you don’t have a social media plan, you’re likely to flounder. Most people who take off in film know how to appeal to the world of social media, so if you want to get noticed, get thinking about how to go viral!

Hopefully you’ve learned some interesting new facts about the film industry and the common misconceptions which get passed around. You don’t need money, agents, or huge crowds to be successful; you need a good strategy, a strong social media approach, and a passion for your project.

Michael Dehoyos is a content marketer and editor at Write my case study and PhD Kingdom. He assists companies in their marketing strategy concepts, and contributes to numerous sites and publications. Also, he is a writer at Next Coursework.

Posted by Chandrea Park

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