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Convert PNG to JPG images

Convert PNG photos and JPG/JPEG photos using our free Online Image Converter
Meeting specific format requirements can be a nuisance. Different platforms have a specific format requirements. No one wants to pay for an Adobe Creative cloud subscription just to convert images from one format to another. 
Take advantage of our free Online Image Converter.
This converter allows you to convert your PNG files and JPG/JPEG files quickly, easily, and free. 

What is a PNG?

A PNG is a format that stands for Portable Networks Graphic. It is a specific format that supports lossless data compression and has features such as greyscale images, transparent backgrounds, and 24-bit and 32-bit RGB colour palettes. 


What is a JPG/JPEG?

A JPG or JPEG is a more commonly used digital image format. It uses a lossy compression method, and is mostly used by digital camera and other image capture devices in order to store and transmit photographic images on the internet. It is a more accessible type of format that is accepted and used widely among different programs and websites. 


How to use our free Online Image Converter

All you have to do is open up the converter and select a file using the select file button. 
After selecting your file, the image converter will begin to work. Once the bar is green, the image will be fully converted. You will then have the option to download your PNG or JPG/JPEG and convert more images.

photo converter tutorial

And there you have it! An easy to use image converter that is at your disposal, and completely free of charge.
Access our free Online Image Converter. 

Posted by Matthew Guerrero

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