Convert MOV and MP4 video files

Convert MOV and MP4 video files

Convert MOV video files and MP4 video files using our free Online Video File Converter. 
It can be difficult to work with your video files when they are not in the format that you need them to be in. You need the correct video file formats in order to edit your videos, submit them to specific platforms and programs, and send them to others who may have different computer programs. Because of this, you will need to convert your video file formats correctly, depending on what you require. Many programs such as Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro will charge you a monthly subscription or one large fee upfront just do to this simple task. 
Take advantage of our free Online Video File Converter.
This converter allows you to convert your MOV video files to MP4 video files in a way that is simple and free.


What is an MOV file?

An MOV is a multimedia container file format that stores video and audio. It is most commonly used to save movie files in Apple's Quicktime software.


What is an MP4 file?

An MP4, also known as an MPEG-4, is a digital multimedia container that is used to store both video and audio. It is a format that supports both video and audio streaming. It is also supported by the majority of software players, and is a common format for movie downloads on the internet. 


How to use our free Online Video File Converter. 

It's as simple as opening up the video file converter and selecting a file using the select file button. 
Once you have opened your video file, the converter will work until the bar is green. A green bar indicates that your video has fully converted. You will then have the option to download your video file to your computer or your Dissolve Cloud. 

video converter demo

Be sure to save your video files under easy to understand file names, and have fun converting!

Posted by Matthew Guerrero

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