12 Stock Footage Businesspeople We Don’t Completely Trust

Above: Dodgy dude. Clip D617-8-116

Career success in business depends not just on education, determination, and connections, it depends on character. Do you give it 110%, 24-7? Does your behavior reflect the deepest brand values of your company? Why are you looking at me like that? What’s that in your hand? You’re making me very uncomfortable. Surely there’s some way we can work this out …

1. He kept tenting his fingers whenever I mentioned my life insurance policy.

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clip: D187-96-011


2. It was a conversation composed entirely of buzzwords.

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clip: D18-9-008


3. Passionate presentation, but a little too inexperienced.

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clip: D514-25-002


4. Unions crushed and fair-trade deals averted, the delegates strode smugly back to their Bentleys.

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clip: 17A083-312


5. The manager seemed to value being well-liked over selling paper.

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clip: 17A056-465


6. Her facial expression was all business, but she was playing two simultaneous games of Candy Crush.

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clip: D431-91-021


7. The account rep didn’t seem that open to the client’s constructive criticism.

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clip: 173607


8. Ever since Annie got removed from the board, her paranoia was becoming more and more evident.

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clip: 267744


9. Was in a bit too much of a hurry to leave after our meeting.

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clip: 17A041-950


10. When I said my proposals were “a little half-baked,” they couldn’t stop grinning.

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clip: D119-11-126


11. He had that son-of-a-board-member vibe.

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clip: D617-8-113


12. Seemed to think ending the handshake first was like losing a game of chicken.

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clip: 17A035-061


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