Our favorite video magazines

Through their stories and their storytelling, video magazines can entertain, challenge, teach, inspire. We’ve rounded up some favorites — transporting readers from the underground scene to traditional Thai sword-making to the minds of filmmaking greats.


For makers and lovers of film, the freshly launched Booooooom TV includes animations, short films, music videos, and documentaries. They’re also promising to premiere films with favorite directors and produce their own content. Our favorite section? Trippy. Featuring …

Down the Rabbit Hole Festival titles, by Jurriaan Hos


Videos on NOWNESS span art and design, fashion, music, food, travel, and culture. Or dig in by exploring different series, like Directors Talk, in which they delve into filmmakers’ minds.

The Foley Artist, by Oliver Holms

Jungles in Paris

Telling stories from around the world, Jungles in Paris includes both video and photo essays spanning culture, craft, geography, and wildlife.

Sword Maker, Lampang, Thailand, by James MacDonald


Crane.tv focuses on culture and the people who create and shape it — “the makers, writers, builders and dreamers.”

A Sign of Times Gone By, by Michael Richard Johnson, Elisa Brugger, and Chuck Lowry

Dazed Digital

For your dose of street, check out Dazed Digital, championing groundbreaking ideas and stories in fashion, music, art, film, and politics.

Doc X: Jam & Cheese, by Ewen Spencer

New York Times — Anatomy of a Scene

In the NYT’s Anatomy of a Scene series, film directors walk you through a scene in one of their movies, sharing insights into their process, direction, and shot considerations.

Scene from Room, narrated by director Lenny Abrahamson

Atlantic Video

In addition to its Editors’ Picks, which curates short films from around the Internet, Atlantic Video creates its own videos, including short documentaries, animations, and experiments.

Meet the Diplomat-Skateboarders of Havana, by Greyson Korhonen

Have any others to add? We’d love to hear them!


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