“Dance” — Ads We Didn’t Skip

Ad: “Dance” for Southern Comfort

Agency: Wieden + Kennedy New York

Why: Frankly, they had me at the ‘70s film look. I’m such a sucker for retro grading. Then they added a deadpan dude with amateurishly funky dance moves. Who could resist?

Though very little else happens — other than Senhor Amarelo leaving the frame and returning with a glass of SC on the rocks — the slow pace lets you savor the details, including the irresistible soundtrack (“Estrelar” by Marcos Valle).

Will I buy what they’re selling?: My last experience with Southern Comfort culminated with me passing out in the bathroom in a Sid Vicious costume, but that was ten years ago. This ad made me sit back and enjoy the awkwardly mesmerizing dance that is life, and introduced me to a lost gem of tropicalia. I feel kindly toward a brand that does that. In appreciation, I may revisit its beverage again. At the very least, I’ll watch the rest of the ads in the series.

Bonus points! Check the company’s hilariously on-brand responses in the comments.

— Jon (@ccmxl)