“Booking.yeah” — Ads We Didn’t Skip

Ad: “Booking Right” for Booking.com

Agency: Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam (W+K again!)

Why: The epic score is probably what got my interest off the bat, but it’s that kid who left his shoes on the plane that clinches it. HIS SHOES! It’s so ridiculous, but so relatable. (I was that kid.) Before that, I had seen this commercial, which combines all the players in the series, and when I saw the family’s story, I headed to Booking.com’s YouTube channel to watch them all.

These ads are just the right amount of ridiculousness. The score, the styling and casting, the voiceover, the over-the-topness of the hotels, paired with the replacement of a certain curse word with the company’s name. Plus, if you’ve stayed in a hotel EVER IN YOUR LIFETIME, you can relate to these people. We’ve all experienced the “what if it’s not like the photo?” fear. (Unless you are a celebrity, who probably only stays at places like this.)

Will I buy what they’re selling?: I already have. I recently booked accommodation for an upcoming bachelorette party, so with any luck, the ads with the three women will be me.

But seriously, go watch them all.

— Nikki (@nikkleigh)