How to use your phone for filmmaking (5 tips)

Interested in filmmaking but don’t know where to start? Check out these foolproof tips to help you kick start your filmmaking skills while using gear you might already own –  like your smartphone – and bring your vision into reality. 

In the current era of Tiktok, anyone can be called a videographer or filmmaker. Think how easy it is to film from your phone and upload. Although everyone can film a video, it takes a storyteller to bring it to life and captivate an audience. 

Filmmaking as a craft can sound intimidating, but it’s not impossible. We have curated a few easy tips to propel your video skills to new heights. Here are 5 tips for smartphone filmmaking that’ll get you that cinematic aesthetic we all love. 

Tip 1 –  Fully charge your phone and invest in a portable battery pack.

This one might be a no-brainer but is still worth listing. For instance, how many times are you forgetting to charge your phone and miss a great opportunity to shoot a candid moment? I know that I have been there plenty, therefore a solution would be to invest in a portable battery pack!

We recommend Power Bank 26800mAh due to its sleek design and affordability. This will be easy to carry along during your shooting adventures and be the perfect solution to never miss a shot opportunity.

Tip 2 –  Get yourself a mobile gimbal  

A gimbal is a supportive tool used to help avoid the natural shakiness that comes from our hands while filming on our phones. This will make your production seem sleeker, therefore creating a more professional look to your videos. 

We recommend the Zhiyun Smooth 4 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal because it is lightweight and it has an integrated control panel design with pull and zoom capabilities. This tool is ideal for on-the-go videographers who want to elevate their videos to pro level.

Tip 3 – Know your frame rate 

Nothing wrong with doing some extra research on the technical aspects of video production. The frame rate impacts the “feel” of your video. Frame rates are measured in “frames per second”, or in shorthand “fps.” For example, slow-motion clips that capture action shots and sports are typically at 60fps for that perfect dramatic effect. If you are looking for that “cinematic” look and feel to your video, consider anything from 24fps or 30fps. 

Tip 4 – Have the right camera apps 

Built-in camera apps can be limiting, so it is beneficial to look at other downloadable video camera apps to make video shooting smoother. 

You can’t go wrong with FiLMiC Pro. This app is high class and is very well known in the filmmaking industry. Big names like Sean Baker and Steven Soderbergh have used it in their projects and recommend it.

Last and final tip

Enjoy the experience – get creative and have fun. Filmmaking is another form of art. You can capture anything and everything. Oftentimes, gear becomes a concern when wanting to break into this industry. With huge technology advances in the smartphone industry, we are now presented with the opportunity to tell stories from the convenience of our phones. So forget about the gear. Instead, focus on harboring creativity and experience to inspire your next video creation. 

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