Here is Why The Key To Gen Z Is Video Content

Today’s youngest generation has chosen platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Snapchat with substantial visual aspects over the seemingly traditional text-based Facebook and Twitter. Video content and interactions based on specific areas of interest are gaining more importance among the audience. 

Content creators and brand marketers have to become more conscious of how they put their ideas out into the world. The first step is to start thinking about how content is accessed. Understanding how viewers consume content is essential to create and serve it in the right way. For instance, studies on Gen Z video habits show that people between the ages of 7 and 22, spend almost 3.5 hours daily consuming digital video content alone. Given this data, creators and marketers can better understand how to target their audience and entice them! 

The main reason behind the changing trends 

The increasing obsession of Gen Z with video content is a phenomenon that many started wondering about long before the pandemic. Once COVID-19 restricted everyone to their living spaces, a different perspective on Gen Z video habits was born. 

To begin with, the members of Generation Z are the only ones who can be called the true digital natives. This means that they do not know of a time without smartphones and high-speed internet. They always have - and have always had - access to unlimited information in the span of a few seconds. 

But at the same time, they are well-adjusted and not swept away by the internet like some older millennials are. They know how to maintain their identities on a virtual platform as well as in real life. This means that they can distinguish between authentic content and inauthentic marketing at a very young age. Therefore, it is evident of the changing trends as the times are changing!

Difference between Gen Z and Millennial content consumption

Some of us are from the generation of biased, exaggerated, and fake news, the generation that loves to watch Millennials’ videos with untouchable movie stars, and fantasy lives that have nothing to do with us. 

On the other hand, Gen Z prefers relatable and relevant content that is authentic or is at least presented that way. This means that video content takes preference over any other form of media. They are adept at marking out falsified information, and good video content gives them very little to complain about. 

Another crucial reason behind this new trend in media consumption is exposure to the fast-paced world at a very young age; Generation Z-ers have a much lower attention span than those preceding them. In order to fully engage them as an audience, visual content is the best course of action.  

Here is Why The Key To Gen Z Is Video Content_free_photos_and_videos

Why is video content the key to Gen Z?   

Undoubtedly, Gen Z is more open to video marketing than any of the generations before. Gen Z generally has a positive relationship with video streaming platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, and Twitch. Research suggests that they often use it to escape the phony world of modern social media that focuses on carefully curated and filtered content. 

And it makes sense - the unreal, filtered world of Instagram has not won over live content because Generation Z picks out ‘fake’ content and sets them aside in a matter of minutes. The imperfection of unfiltered content offers solace for Gen Z souls.

To actively create and shape a better world, Gen Z is ready to try anything. Unlike blog posts that rant about problems in the world, the youngest generation prefers quizzes, polls, and other modes of interaction that engage with the creators. 

Once this group of individuals feels that the content is authentic, the matter gets reshares and responses regardless of whether it is from a multinational brand or a small-scale business. This is how video content marketing has taken new meanings in recent times.

Appetite and Apathy 

With almost 32% of the world being Gen Z-ers, driving business means catering to this group’s unpredictable and ever-changing tastes. As mentioned, two main characteristics of Generation Z are that they stand for impactful content, and at the same time, they also need near-constant stimulation. 

With their great dislike for inauthenticity, it is difficult for this tech-savvy generation to digest content that is obviously built for marketing. Simply creating a video of what business goals you hope to achieve is going to fall flat with this target audience who dislikes passive content. 

You need carefully designed content that offers a great experience, promises an impact on the future, and is attention-grabbing at the same time. 

How can video content creators achieve this?   

Here is Why The Key To Gen Z Is Video Content_free_photos_and_videos

Connecting with Gen Z 

Successful video marketing that resonates with the Gen Z video habits may sound daunting, but it is actually quite simple. As a creator, if you feel that you cannot access the necessary footage for a dynamic video, set aside your worries. Find free, quality Gen-Z-focused content from Dissolve Creators library. No sign up required to download! 

Free online creator communities like Dissolve Creators offer a helping hand to creatives to find the material they need to cater to the famed Gen Z video habits. More than just obtaining content, users can also utilize such platforms to connect with like-minded creators and start sharing their work- like an online portfolio! 

Since Gen Z loves personal branding and storytelling. Sourcing digital content from professional and amateur creators across the world can give your ideas a better look. The idea of honesty projected through content created this way also sits well with the target audience. 

Finally, the members of Generation Z often prefer video content for its aesthetics. Community platforms like Dissolve Creators can guide you to find the aesthetics that go well with your ideas and suit the media platform where the work is presented. 

Here is Why The Key To Gen Z Is Video Content_Connecting_with_gen_z

Final Words

Visual media has always pleased human beings, but there has been a stark difference in how each generation receives the visual media and reacts to it. 

While the Boomers and Gen X spent their time on videos that lasted for more than 30 minutes, Millennials and Gen Z have shown an affinity towards shorter videos. But Gen Z is also a fan of longer formats, like streaming, provided it allows for real-time interaction. Connection and stimulation are everything. 

With the shift from catering to a passive audience to a more active one, video marketing techniques have also changed. Moreover, the rapidly growing tech world is also responsible for such significant shifts in trends. Hence, creators have to look for ways to impact their viewers, and online creator communities like Dissolve Creators support them in this endeavor. 

Join the inspiring and empowering community for creatives. Creating a profile is free and easy. 

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