“The Absolute Opposite of Ordinary” — Ads We Didn’t Skip

Ad: “The Absolute Opposite of Ordinary” for Maserati

Agency: Unknown

Why: A quiet little motor rotates a flaccid little… thingy. Is it some mechanical insect? Must watch and find out! Oh, it’s a metaphor.

It feels like a bit of a stretch equating these white cardboard boxes with the average luxury car, but I like the art-installation vibe. The payoff is a bit of a letdown. The engine noise and shiny glimpses don’t say anything new, but I like that finely tuned Maserati insignia. If they pay as much attention to engineering as they do to kerning…

Will I buy what they’re selling?: No, but I’ll be watching to see if they can turn around their bad reputation.

— Jon (@ccmxl)

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