“Related” — Ads We Didn’t Skip

Ad: “Related”— GoDaddy

Agency: Barton F. Graf 9000

Why? Well, I first saw this spot on TV, but just the end, with the hump-fist-pumping (let’s call it humpumping), and it still made me laugh. So when I got it as a pre-roll, not knowing I’d already seen it, it got a laugh out of me again. (This time a more legit laugh because I actually understood why these gingers were humpumping.)

I appreciate how short and sweet this spot is; the description too. They speak to how simple GoDaddy wants you to think it is. But I once tried to buy a domain off GoDaddy and got so confused by all the extra things they tried to make me buy that I ended up just getting it somewhere else.

Will I buy what they’re selling? No, I already have a website and several domain names I purchased somewhere else. Also, as a designer, I am highly skeptical of a website designed and built on GoDaddy …

– Nikki (@nikkleigh)

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