Meet Polina Rabtseva

A relative newcomer to video, Polina began her career as a photographer. In her photographic work, she has a special passion for the honesty of nude imagery. Her footage has that same sensual, dreamy candidness to it.

Lovely Life features Polina’s latest footage on Dissolve

You have a successful career as a photographer. What drew you to video?

In 2012, I realized that photography alone couldn’t fulfill my artistic vision. I’ve always had an interest and talent for storytelling and a passion for capturing moods and emotions — down to every last detail. With videography, I’m now expanding my drive for storytelling.

How do you stay inspired?

The more I transform inspiration into creativity in everything I do, the more inspiration I gain from the happiness and love of people who admire my art. So my inspiration has no limits. I feel very lucky to have discovered my ability to express myself through photo and video.

Your equipment is rather unique. Tell us about it.

I never thought my equipment was unique till people started to ask me about it. I use a Canon 5D Mark II camera and my grandfather’s Helios 44-2 f 2.0 58mm, which he modified in the early 1990s. This lens means a lot to me. With its help, I have memories of the past, and now it lets me capture my visual diary and share with my parents, grandparents, and the world.


Polina and her mother in 1989, shot by Polina’s grandfather, Ruslan Rabtsev.

How did your move from Belarus to the United States affect your work?

I started to shoot video when I moved to New York City in 2012. I was just so amazed by the city that I was shooting everything and memorizing every single experience. I will be there from May to August this year, and I can’t wait to share this adventure with everyone through my footage at Dissolve.

Did you ever imagine your footage could be used as stock? Has it changed how you work?

I was extremely excited when Dissolve introduced me to the idea. It hasn’t changed anything in the way I work, but it’s changed my approach, how I think and plan a shoot. I now care more about relevance and demand for the footage according to time, season, news, etc.

How will you put your mark on stock footage?

I’m a dreamer — you can definitely tell that through my footage. I’m good at capturing reality the way I imagine it.

See Polina’s latest clips.

Follow her on Twitter, Instagram, and Vimeo, or visit



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