Dissolve and Digital-Tutors team up, you save

We’re thrilled to announce a partnership with Digital-Tutors, the world’s largest CG, VFX, and digital-art training resource. Digital-Tutors’ members and tutors will now be using a selection of our royalty-free footage in their training and practice projects.

“Our tutors set out searching for the footage they want to use that is professional, easy to work with and high quality, but that’s not always easy to find,” says Digital-Tutors in their announcement. “The decision was unanimously Dissolve, because they have some of the freshest and most compelling footage around.”

And they’re not just sweet talkers. Digital-Tutors’ online training has helped thousands of filmmakers, game developers, and designers learn and improve their skills. They’ve helped students at schools like UCLA, RIT, and CUNY, and employees at companies whose names might ring a bell: Microsoft, Pixar, EA, and Nike, to name just a few. Their online training has been lauded by O’Reilly, the Webby Awards, and others.

We are psyched to be working with such a dedicated team who is passionate about helping creative people learn new skills, update their knowledge, and further their careers.

To celebrate the partnership, Digital-Tutors is offering our friends a 10% discount on a subscription. Check out their classes, then use this link to save 10% on your choice of a monthly or annual subscription.

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