Partnerships to be proud of

Dissolve for a Cause first started in 2017 with the intent to support charities and nonprofits with free stock content. Over the past 3 years, Dissolve for a Cause has had the opportunity to help a variety of organizations convey heart-warming, impactful, and creative projects. 

Why Stock? 

Stock footage and photography can either fill a missing piece of a project, or empower a whole message. For charities and nonprofits, stock content can be used to add to the rhetoric which can further move their audience. We have had the chance to help with an array of projects that have utilized Dissolve for a Cause, and all have been very impactful. The concepts have ranged in style- from simple images paired with voice-overs, to elaborate mini-documentaries.

We will be highlighting three Dissolve for a Cause projects that got creative with stock content and stood out.

Eyes Of The World Foundation (Ulls del món)

To mark the World Day of Vision, the Eyes of the World Foundation used stock footage to put together this inspirational video to raise awareness about the right to sight. The messaging in this video definitely moved us.

The Ferreruela Foundation (fundacio ferreruela)

To raise awareness of glaucoma, the Ferreruela Foundation created a collection of posters with stock images paired with the phrase, “I say yes to my health!”. These simple, yet effective posters definitely caught our attention.

Make-A-Wish Mid Atlantic Foundation

This project took Dissolve stock to the next level. Make-A-Wish Mid Atlantic paired with 10-year-old wish kid, Mason, to create THE FALLEN. This short film follows a group of misfit superheroes. We’re super impressed at how talented and creative Mason is at storytelling! 

It’s not too late to apply for Dissolve for a Cause this year. You can submit your project information here. We look forward to partnering up with more charities and nonprofits to help deliver their impactful messages.

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