Making a video is a bit like dating


In the wake of the success of This Is a Generic Brand Video, TELUS spoke to our CEO, Patrick Lor, about engaging your audience and, yes, creating a viral video. While we don’t believe you can just go ahead and make a viral video, you can at least ensure your branded video content is enjoyable and shareable.

Pat’s tips include:

  • Keep it simple.
  • Check your ego at the door.
  • Remember who the video is for (hint: not you).

It’s your job to understand your customer and your market and to surprise and delight them. Who knows, they may even fall in love with your brand …

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Posted by Dissolve

Dissolve Premium ( has been the go-to for quality stock footage and photos by the world's top creative agencies and production houses. Some of the best filmmakers and stock producers from around the world are with Dissolve — our rapidly growing collection of unique, compelling footage is a testament to that. In addition to our quality stock footage and photography business, we launched Dissolve Creators ( A platform for photographers, filmmakers, producers, and designers to connect and share their work as free downloadable content. We offer these creatives (amateur or pro) a bridge to our clientele, gig opportunities, networking opportunities, as well as our knowledge of the stock industry.

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