For better video, avoid these 10 habits

Even without shooting, the craft of video editing has a lot of moving parts. Planning, storyboarding, editing, and audio and video postproduction can be overwhelming tasks to juggle, particularly if you’re a beginner.

Chris Gates put together a helpful list of habits to avoid — “worst practices”? — that can help you stay focused and make better videos:

  1. Winging it. Follow a storyboard and don’t get distracted.
  2. Scaling it up. Work to your deliverables — no more, no less.
  3. A cluttered workspace. Stay organized on your real or virtual desktop.
  4. Overusing transitions. Use ones that suit the project, don’t default to your habits.
  5. Using jump cuts. Use them consciously, not lazily. Fill discontinuities with “B-roll” (or stock footage).
  6. Ignoring audio. Don’t let a bad sound mix ruin your movie.
  7. Underusing graphics. Explore a bit when it comes to credits and openings. Use type that complements your story.
  8. Abusing effects. Like spices, they’re best used sparingly. They can also quickly fill up your day.
  9. Stealing ideas. Learn from your heroes (and online tutorials), but don’t be obvious about it.
  10. Attempting to use every shot. Be selective. As they say in writing, “Murder your darlings.

Check out the full post over on Videomaker.

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Posted by Jon Parker

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