“Labels Against Women” — Ads We Didn’t Skip

Ad: “Labels Against Women | #ShineStrong” for Pantene Philippines

Agency: BBDO Guerrero

Why: The ad was making the rounds by the time I came across it, but it would have had me at the shoes and Cyril Cabornay’s cover of “Mad World.”

It’s a nicely put-together ad that kept me engaged, with an important message for sure. But — even though I knew it was an ad from a hair products maker — the ending was an eye-roller. “Don’t let labels hold you back” … by having Pantene-great hair? I know I know, it’s larger than that, but the spot ends on a decidedly “shampoo” note, with that beautiful, healthy, strong hair bouncing off into the sun. It undermines all that’s gone before.

Will I buy what they’re selling?: I already buy one Pantene product. This won’t incite me to buy more, nor become a brand evangelist, but the brand has obviously struck a chord. It’s also created #WhipIt, a conversation about gender bias, and that ain’t so bad.

— Lori (@lburwash)