“Junkface” — Ads We Didn’t Skip


Ad: “Junkface,” Neutrogena

Agency: DDB Toronto

Why: I wanted to know what the epidemic was!! (Although I was kind of hoping it was an ad for a documentary about a dude who had his nether regions surgically relocated to his face …)

Will I buy what they’re selling?: Well, I don’t have the correct parts to be afflicted with Junkface, so probably not. I like the spin they took trying to convince dudes they need to buy more cosmetic products. But, really, it is SOAP, it is made to clean things — shouldn’t it be clean even after cleaning one’s junk? Anyway, as if 99% of guys don’t touch their junk several times a day and then touch who knows what … Face it, we all have Junkface. (Cue me busting the Purell out of my desk drawer.)

Oh, and that piñata guy at 0:37? This is him as a kid.

– Nikki (@nikkleigh)

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