“Divina: Every Colour Is Divine” — Ads We Didn’t Skip

Ad: “Divina: Every Colour Is Divine,” Kvadrat

Agency: Graphic Thought Facility and Casper Sejersen

Why: There’s nothing worse than a site that forces you to watch a video (with sound) before revealing any content or navigation. This one was intriguing enough that I didn’t immediately navigate away. Interesting product shots, pretty colors, cool music, guy with a chainsaw … wait, what?

Will I buy what they’re selling?: What exactly are they selling? Some sort of textile-based decorating philosophy? I had to follow three different external links to find a purchasable product — a range of complicated area rugs. Call for pricing.

However, watching the video did convince me that Kvadrat makes innovative textiles of exceptional quality, which I could never, ever afford.

— Pamela (@plynn)