For Our Tomorrow: Scenes from a flood

When a devastating flood hit Calgary, Alberta, in June 2013, contributor Brad Stuckel of Plainsight Pictures knew he needed to tell the story of this life-changing event.

Surveying the damage to downtown from a nearby ridge, Brad felt disillusioned, confused. Heading into the thick of it was equally surreal. With no power, downtown was quiet, empty, like a cleared-out movie set.

“I started shooting, grabbing a few shots,” he recounts. “The more I saw, the more motivated I became.” In one neighborhood, he watched people salvaging their possessions from their homes, navigating the heaved concrete in bare feet. On a water-covered street, an elderly woman stepped out of a rescue SUV into another vehicle, taking time to stop and wave to Brad.

“In the end, an impactful and emotional story came together,” says Brad. For Our Tomorrow shows a community determined to overcome and rebuild. It’s a story Brad hopes will be shared as a reminder to stand up and support those who have been affected.

Scenes from For Our Tomorrow are available for license starting at $50 per clip, exclusively from Dissolve.