Introducing Liftoff

The story of Liftoff began a couple of years ago, when we introduced the Liftoff program to our exclusive contributors. Under this program, filmmakers can submit qualifying footage, and our in-house production team does all the editing, color grading, keywording and metadata, at no cost to them.

From the start, contributors loved the service. It’s perfect for busy filmmakers who have footage languishing on hard drives but no time to do anything with it. They simply hand off footage shot for their personal and professional projects — commercial spots, narrative films, documentaries, travelogues, and experimental cinematography — and we transform it into project-ready clips.

With all this great footage getting submitted to the program, we thought it was time to give it a face. So we created the Liftoff collection, footage that distills the personality and passion of its creators into RF and RM clips ready for use in commercial work. And only at Dissolve.

See the collection

If you’re a filmmaker interested in submitting footage, find out more about the Liftoff program.