Filmmakers…We Have Liftoff™

Take your passion to new heights with Dissolve Liftoff™, a solution designed for busy filmmakers who want to spend more time shooting and less time working.

What is Liftoff?

Whether you’re from a production company that makes professional-quality films, a filmmaker who has old b-roll from commissioned work, or someone who shoots just for the fun of it, Liftoff is the perfect way to maximize the potential of your content.

With Liftoff, you just shoot what you love and upload your raw files for review. From here, our expert team will edit your files, perform color correction, provide keywords and metadata, and then publish them to our site for sale. The best part about all of this, is that it’s free.

What is the criteria?

The Liftoff program is available to all exclusive Dissolve contributors who are not selling stock footage anywhere else. Once you’ve applied and been accepted, you can upload your files and our contributor team will review your clips using the following criteria:

  • Clips are in high-quality raw, unedited format
  • You have the rights to license the clips
  • You have all required model and property releases and are the beneficial owner of the clips
  • The clips meet Dissolve’s overall quality, style, and collection needs

After your clips have been reviewed and accepted by our team, they will be uploaded to the site and placed in one of our four exclusive collections.

What are Dissolve’s exclusive collections?

Our four exclusive collections are prominently featured on our site and usually appear in our renowned marketing campaigns. They each have their own identity but when combined reflect the brand of Dissolve as a whole.

Dissolve Filmmaker™ –  This is our most cinematic collection, curated for commercial appeal and chalk-full of clips that avoid the cliche of stocky stock and add more authenticity to any project.

Dissolve Elements™ – This collection is comprised of high quality clips that depict popular themes. Whether you’re looking for aerials of a city or establishing shots of nature, Elements is full of options to help you set the scene.

Dissolve Pose™ – The Pose collection features models smiling for the camera or acting the part. If you’re looking for certain kinds of people in certain types of settings, this is the collection for you to explore.

Dissolve Auteur™ – This collection of footage is all about personality, creativity, and passion, as the most talented cinematic artists create masterpieces that catch the eye.

If you’re interested in becoming a Liftoff contributor then start your journey here.

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