The Top 17 Dystopian Futures in Stock Footage

Above: Maui or Mordor? Clip D118-51-663

Though the latest Mad Max movie has set the cinematic bar pretty high for dystopian-future films, you can find some terrifyingly plausible fake futures in Dissolve’s stock footage collection — even without a $150 million budget. Don’t believe us? Scroll into the future below …

1. The future where we spend all our time in virtual reality … in a supercute farm simulator.

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clips: D16_21_089, 001-D91-13-009


2. The future where extreme-fitness culture considers being the target of a federal manhunt a cool WOD.

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clips: D431-98-018, D118-79-099


3. The future where everyone neglected to defrost their freezers.

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clip: D30-5-294

4. The future where robots continue to be awkward and not super badass.

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clip: D254-7-351


5. The future where Big Brother is always watching … and also always tells your friends about that time you pooped your pants.

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clip: D91-5-064


6. The future where the alien invaders always get so drunk.

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clip: 17A168-315


7. The world where advances in nutrition create a new era of giant humans, but real estate prices prevent us from buying larger homes.

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clip: 17A109-536


8. The future where we serve under the unblinking gaze of cat overlords.

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clip: D85-44-016


9. The future where the clone you make to help with your chores wants to goof off exactly as much as you do.

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clip: D339-1-020


10. The future where flesh-eating zombies develop a preference for the zesty flavor of tattoos.

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clip: D252-6-063


11. The world where cybernetic implants allow us to be distracted by Facebook even while we’re taking out the garbage.

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clip: D187-68-001


12. The future where the Shrekoccocus virus turns 30% of Earth’s population into grouchy ogres.

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clip: D30-9-115


13. The world where solar energy provides all our power, but there’s nowhere to park because of all the solar panels.

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clip: 17A229-084


14. The parallel-universe future where everything happened exactly the same as in this one, except the BLT was never invented.

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clip: D209-4-006


15. The world where America elects its first supercomputer president … and immediately gets a kernel panic.

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clip: 17A231-013


16. The future where Google Glass gets a redesign and finally catches on.

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clip: D343-7-002


17. The world where this grandma is the last person on Earth … and just friggin’ loves it.

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clip: D333-56-070


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