14 Totally Datable Stock Footage Models

Above: Silly is sexy. Clip D252-2-024

What makes a good stock footage model? Likability, relatability, and looking effortlessly natural in front of a camera. What makes a totally crushworthy stock footage model? All of that, plus a certain je ne sais quoi. These clips sent us into reveries about the models’ personalities and back stories. We may be guessing just a little, but we’re probably not far from the truth.

1. High caffeine intake gives her the energy to fave all your retweets.

Smiley face

clip: D16-21-060


2. Won’t spoil the Game of Thrones finale for you because he doesn’t own a TV.

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clip: 17A366-224


3. Can sit through a dinner party with your grad-school classmates.

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clip: D544-14-046


4. Blushes every time someone orders “ginger beef.”

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clip: D323-1-094


5. For the fun of helping a cryogenically defrosted person adjust to 21st-century life.

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clip: 17A035-807


6. Shows true empathy when you complain about waxing your bikini line.

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clip: D565-4-407


7. Is non-ironic.

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clip: 17A035-793


8. Makes you look like the pragmatic, responsible one.

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clip: D35-12-113


9. Would eat doughnuts at every meal.

Smiley face

clip: D205-34-013


10. Is already familiar with all the gross things your body does.

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clip: 17A057-160


11. Can move the antique bank safe you bought at that estate sale.

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clip: D116-3-598


12. Has a best friend who isn’t a douchebag.

Smiley face

clip: 17A070-376


13. Looks exactly like your ’80s childhood crush.

Smiley face

clips: D309-2-009, D119-23-1376


14. When he swipes right, he really means it.

Smiley face

clip: D1-3-192


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