“#TimsDark Experiment” — Ads We Didn’t Skip

Ad: “#TimsDark Experiment,” Tim Hortons

Agency: JWT Toronto

Why? I was instantly intrigued when I saw them murdering out a Tim Hortons store. I’m a Jeep Wrangler owner too, so seeing one in front (also murdered out) definitely helped. And the creative director in me couldn’t help wonder how they managed to do that … Was it paint? Or that peel-off rubber coating? Or what?

I knew by “dark experiment” this was going to have something to do with dark coffee, but I kept watching because I had to see what they were up to. It’s a great way to launch Tim Hortons new dark roast. I especially liked that being in the dark heightened people’s sense of taste.

Ting! (that’s the sound of a home run)

Will I buy what they’re selling?: Probably. How can you live in Canada and avoid going to Tim’s? — Sheldon (@sheldonpop)