“#MeetMyLove” — Ads We Didn’t Skip

Ad: “#MeetMyLove,” Addition Elle

Agency: Mookai

Why? Its quietness promised something different from the usual shouty pre-rolls. There’s Michael Bernard Fitzgerald just sitting on his stool, the simple set shot in black and white. Then, one by one, people start talking about meeting their loves. It was easy to get caught up in their stories — and I still smile every time I watch this charming spot.

#MeetMyLove proves you don’t have to shout to get people’s attention. With simplicity, authenticity (they’re real couples), and a compelling story or seven, you can’t go wrong.

Will I buy what they’re selling?: #MeetMyLove is a contest. People submit their love stories, and the most-voted stories win. That’s not really my gig, but if it’s yours, you better get on it — the deadline looms. I’d totally vote for you.

— Lori (@lburwash)