“GoDogGo Automatic Dog Ball Thrower” — Ads We Didn’t Skip


Ad: “GoDogGo Automatic Dog Ball Thrower — G3 Fetch Machine in Action!” GoDogGo

Agency: In-house?

Why?: Dog playing with balls to calypso music? Makes sense, right? To be honest, the reason I kept watching was I was waiting for the dog to get beaned in the head from the machine (I’m sure that happens a lot with this thing), and I couldn’t believe they just kept repeating the same thing for 1:34! There is a payoff in the end, however, when the dog begs for the GoDogGo Automatic Ball Thrower. But let’s face it, it’s probably for the Snausages the woman is holding off-screen.

Will I buy what they’re selling?: No, but @nikkleigh’s mom would.

— Sheldon (@sheldonpop)

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