“Girls Can: Women Empowerment” — Ads We Didn’t Skip

Ad: “Girls Can: Women Empowerment,” Cover Girl

Agency: Grey Group New York

Why: Cover Girl’s latest made me want to put on some power shoes, pull my shoulders back, and ask for that promotion! It’s unfortunate we need an ad to remind women, and men, to challenge the status quo, but I adore this revolt. We can, we will — and as this ad shows — we already have.

Is this a mixed message coming from a popular makeup brand? I don’t think so. It’s actually an admirable spin. Makeup is a way to express yourself. For me, my outside needs to match my inside. So if I wake up FEELING like a rock star, I want to present myself to the world that way. Makeup helps with that, but you can never fake confidence, which is the root of this spot. Hopefully, this means cosmetic industries are becoming less about “making yourself beautiful” and more about “showing the world your beauty.”

Will I buy what they’re selling?: I might go out and buy a bold new lipstick, but I won’t be buying a whole new line of makeup. Although a great message, I know it’s still just an ad … and Cover Girl’s products are still just okay.

— Chelsey (@ChelseyPatrick7)