“El Abrazo Del Alma” — Ads We Didn’t Skip

Ad: “El Abrazo Del Alma,” Coca-Cola

Agency: DAVID

Why: I was drawn in from the start, captivated by the story of an armless soccer player reunited with two pros. I love that it was about a simple hug that became such an iconic moment in sport. “The hug that taught us that football is played with the feet and the heart.” Boom!

The reunion felt a bit contrived with all the branding, but that’s why it was possible, so I guess we have to give that one to Coca-Cola. In my opinion, real stories always win. Those are the real guys, right, Coke?

For the record, I didn’t cry.

Will I buy what they’re selling?: Absolutely! We all know Coca-Cola is better than Pepsi, right? Besides, they had me at

— Sheldon (@sheldonpop)

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