Polina Rabtseva signs with Detour Films

Polina Rabtseva, one of our very first exclusive contributors, has signed with Detour Films as director of commercials and branded content.

Detour is a band of master filmmakers, creative virtuosos, and post-production whiz kids creating commercials, short films, and branded content for TV and web. It’s no surprise they’ve signed Polina — her dreamy, intimate aesthetic has attracted such brands as Mercedes, Bacardi, and FashionTV. Josh Canova, Detour’s founder and executive producer, describes Polina as “a magnetic, free spirit and gifted artist with an approach that’s pure, unapologetic, and mesmerizing.”

We look forward to seeing the great work that comes out of Polina and Detour.

To find out more about Polina, read her profile, and watch Lovely Life, featuring footage available only at Dissolve:


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