The Vintage Look: How Content Creators Are Taking Us Back In Time

In with the old and out with the new. Whether it’s vintage fashion, rustic culinary creations, or classic soundtracks, this generation is reminiscing on the past. We’ve now seen this trend make its way into the media industry and it has become more apparent than ever.

Shooting On Film

One way that vintage footage and photography has reemerged into the industry is through the age old art of shooting with analog cameras. Unlike shooting with digital cameras, shots taken on analog cameras require a lot of manual adjusting and editing. The manual aspect is actually an advantage, especially when you’re going for that retro look, due to the imperfections that are produced when shooting with film. A majority of the new digital cameras have automatic features that are there to get rid of any defects, but when looking for that vintage look, you are actually looking for defects, such as graininess or blurriness, to give your shot that old school feel.

Use Filters Instead

For those who want that vintage look, but like to shoot on digital cameras or smartphones, filters have become the norm. Creators are looking to add grainy, VHS, or film filters to their content nowadays and it is becoming increasingly prominent. This trend has become especially popular on social media platforms like Instagram and VSCO, with the latter having their own filter to achieve the sought after retro feel.

We are also just as obsessed with the trend, which is why we created our own grains for anyone to use. If you want to join us on a trip back in time, check out both of our 8mm grains and 16mm grains available for free on our Goodies page.

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