New features help you find what you need faster

Most times, it doesn’t really matter who the filmmaker or photographer of a stock clip or photo is. But there are times when it does. For instance, if a contributor’s style is perfect for a particular project and you want to see everything they have. Or you know that a shooter specializes in subject matter you’re constantly working with, or regularly works with a model you’d like to see in different scenes. For those times, it’s now super easy to get to contributors by searching for their names.

From any search results page, start typing a name. The predictive functionality will provide suggestions. Select who you’re looking for, then click enter.

If you’ve already done a general search, you can further refine it by contributor name.contrib
For projects where clip length is important, there are two ways to hone search results. You can specify minimum clip length in the filters sidebar.

Or sort by clip length in the toolbar up top.

And, new in photography, you can filter by the number of people in the image.

Of course, we also have humans who can help you find the clips and photos you need, at no cost. Chat live on the site or email your request — just describe what you have in mind and we’ll do the rest.

Fun fact: the longest clip is this 18-minute 1950s clip from RetroFootage, where a young woman tries to convince a young man to take more risks while driving.

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