Audiosocket: Our spirit animal for music

If you’ve watched our videos, you know music is important to us. The right music conveys emotion, tells a story, captivates an audience, and generally influences how people connect to what they’re watching. It’s an integral part of every video we create, shaping every story we tell.

And we’ve found a kindred musical spirit in Audiosocket. Their curated collection of original music is more than white noise. The roster references contemporary lifestyles, culture, and trends, and gives our projects whatever feel we need.

Our designer/video editor Nikki (she’s the one behind Emoji Among Us) especially likes Audiosocket’s search functionality and being able to filter by genre, mood, theme, tempo, and more. She’s also a big fan of being able to download full-length low-res tracks before purchase and share tracks with the rest of the creative team. All music is pre-cleared for any right, term, or territory, so licensing a track is simple, and you get instant access to it.

Give it a go — check out Audiosocket.