More information about the new collections


Dissolve Auteur™, Dissolve Filmmaker™, and Dissolve Elements™ each has their own personality. Here’s what we look for as we curate each collection.

Dissolve Auteur

  • Unique footage that stands out in unexpected ways: moments that make the viewer feel something special (wonder, fear, happiness, nostalgia, etc.), footage whose narratives and aesthetics are highly personal to the filmmaker’s artistic truths.
  • Themes include dreams, experimental cinematography, surreal, atmospheric, unexpected, bold clips.
  • Sometimes, there might be one clip from a shoot that stands out, and sometimes a whole shoot simply screams Auteur.

Dissolve Filmmaker

  • Filmmaker is our most commercially viable collection, featuring authentic depictions of people living life.
  • Everyday subjects shot with a filmmaker’s point of view and sensibility — not shot in a “stocky” way.
  • Subject matters such as lifestyle, city life, outdoor recreation, and other everyday, useful concepts are among the most sought-after categories.
  • Not contrived acting — real people doing real things.

Dissolve Elements

  • Highly useful subjects and themes, including cityscapes, aerials, nature, animals, timelapses, landscapes, and travel.
  • Establishing shots are very popular. Whether you shoot complicated ones with jibs and drones or focus on getting (very useful) static establishing shots, we look for great composition and lighting. Major cities like LA and NY are a plus.
  • Travel footage should be well shot and void of non-released people — a great shot of an aspirational location can go a long way.


Why is some of my footage no longer available?

During the curation and sorting of the collections, your footage may have been deactivated either because it didn’t meet our curation and quality criteria or it didn’t have releases associated with it. Once a model/property release is provided, the footage can be reviewed and will be restored if it meets our quality criteria. Please email releases to

Why is my footage a different price?

Exclusive footage on Dissolve — whether submitted by the contributor or produced via the Liftoff service — is curated and sorted into the three new exclusive collections. These collections ultimately define the price for your royalty-free footage.Dissolve Auteur clips are $499 for HD and $549 for 4K. Dissolve Filmmaker is priced at $299 for HD and $499 for 4K. And Dissolve Elements is $79 for HD and $199 for 4K.

Does the Liftoff collection still exist? 

These three new exclusive collections have replaced the Liftoff collection.

Does this affect the Liftoff service?

No. The service still exists for exclusive contributors and is still called Liftoff. Every clip produced via Liftoff will be curated into one of the Filmmaker, Auteur, or Elements collection, giving your raw footage an even better opportunity to be successful on Dissolve.