Blank stares and high scores

It’s been a while since you were “poked” on Facebook, but lately every second word in social media is poke-this and poke-that. Welcome to the world of gamified walking, where texting isn’t the only thing that might cause you to wander head-down into traffic.
We found a few Poké players lurking around Dissolve …


When you’re sick of hearing your friend talk about how many Caterpies she’s caught just standing there.


“I heard there was a Clefable around here somewhere.”


“Sure, you can catch this one.”

*just don’t waste too many of my precious balls*


When the 443 Dragonite runs after you had an “Excellent” on that throw.


Took the B line today. It’s an hour longer, but it passes the most PokéStops and she’s low on Poké Balls.


It’s 2 a.m. on a Wednesday but the stop is still lured.


Just showed that stupid Zubat who’s boss.



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